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  General Rules
Discipline :  

Every student will be subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Delhi University and the College Authority for his conduct & behaviour. He/She should go through the DU Ordinance XV-B on maintenance of discipline among students of the Univeristy and Ord. XV-C on Prohibition and Punishment for ragging.

Notice Board : 

Students must make it a point to read the Notice Board atleast twice every day. Ignorance of any notice will not be accepted as a plea or an excuse for any delay in the matter.

Order & Silence : 

Students should not loiter in the corridors or speak loudly near the class rooms or the Amdinistrative Block.

No Smoking : 

Smoking in the College is strictly prohibited.

Cleanliness :  

College lawns and premises must be kept clean. Disciplinary action will be taken against any student who causes damage to College property or defaces the College walls/class rooms.

Visitors :  

Students are not permitted to receive or entertain visitors in the College premises. In case of extreme urgency only, parents may contact Section Officer/Administrative Officer.
Outsiders are NOT allowed to enter the premises of the college. In case such visit are essential, they must seek the prior permission of the Principal, or in absence, of the Administrative Officer.

Free Periods :   

These should be utilized for study in the Reading Room.

Parking :  

Students must park their vehicles only at the car/scooter stand marked for them. Stern disciplinary action will be taken against any student sitting on/fiddling with any vehicle parked inside the premises.

Enquiry :

Any information desired from the office should be sought from the counter concerned during the time notified the same. Application for any certificate or documents etc. must be submitted atleast one day in advance to the office through the counter concerned and collected from the same counter the next day. In case of need, students can contact A.O., S.O. (Admn.), S.O.(Acctt.) or the Sr. P.A. to the Principal.

  Note :

Non-observance/violation of these rules and indulgence in any act of indiscipline will lead to disciplinary action by the college authorities. The Disciplinary committee of the college may impose fine, or in severe cases of indiscipline, a student may be rusticated from the college.


All bonafide students of the College are required to carry their identity cards at all times and they MUST produce them whenever required by the Principal, any Teacher/Official of the college.