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General Instructions
  Reservation of Seats
  Sports :

(i) Not more than 5% of the total seats separately both in Honours and Pass Courses (for 1st year of the Under-Graduate courses) except in Engineering and those other courses where there is an Admission Test or where there are centralised admissions, be offered for admission on the basis of sports and co-curricular distinctions.

(ii) The admission on the basis of sports shall be finalized by college on the recommendation of a Committee consisting of Principal, Director of Physical Education and some teachers and students associated with the sports.

(iii) Dates of filling applications and date of admission on sports basis shall be notified in the College/Department prospectus and shall be put up on their repective Notice Boards.

(iv) The Sports Admission Committee shall screen/evaluate the applications, hold interviews and trials on the ground and recommend admission on the basis of sports.

(v) All sports certificates must be duly verified by the Head of the Institution last attended and by the Issuing Authority. All applications, along with sports certificates may also be sent to the Convenors of the University Sports Admission Committee who will be also scrutinize these applications.

(vi) The sports certificates should be accompanied by a photograph of the candidate duly attested by the respective issuing Authority and Head of the Institution last attended.

(vii) Any student submitting false/forged/fake certifcate will be debarred from admission to any course in any college for three years. If he/she is admitted, his/her admission will be cancelled. Such cases will be notified to all colleges.

(viii) The level of competency in the sports will be determined only of the candidate who has achieved distinctions in sports during the last 3 years. Following is the order of preference for admission in the under-graduate courses. Preference will be given to those sports activities in which Delhi University Inter-College and Inter-University Competition are held.

(a) Participated by representing India in any event/game at the International level (Certificate to be submitted from the Ministry of Sports/Sports Federations).

(b) Participated in any event/game in Junior National Championship (Certificate to be submitted from the National Federation of concerned games/s).

(c) Participated in the Winner/Runner-Up Teams and secured 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in Individual Event in National School Games/s (Certificate to be submitted from the National School Games Federation/Directorate of Education of the Concerned State).

(d) Participated in the All India Rural Sports and Women Sports Festival securing 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in Individual Event or a Team (Certificate to be submitted from the National Institute of Sports).

(e) Participated and secured 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in Inter Zonal Touranaments or 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in Individual Event (Certificate to be submitted from Director of Education of the concerned State).

The level of competition in case of Sainik School, Kendriya Vidhalaya and Public School may be considered along with the last category i.e. (e)

  Foreign Students :

Foreign students who wish to join Motilal Nehru College must satisfy the course and age requirements. They should apply to: Foreign Student Advisor, Foreign Student Registry, C/O Department of African Students Studies, Arts Faculty, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007.

  Other Criteria for Admission :

No person who has been convicted of any offence involving moral turpitude, shall be admitted to a course of study or permitted to take any examination of the University until a period of 2 years has elapsed from the date of expiry of the sentence imposed on him/her.