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  • Officiating Principal : Prof. Yogeshwar Sharma


    Motilal Nehru College welcomes you. It will be a matter of immense pleasure, should you become a part of our large family. The place of education in one's life may vary, but it always has an importance attached to it. We, in this College, are committed to provide you with an atmosphere which will take you to the very heights of intellectual excellence, a place which is free from all pollutants, and an environment where one can fully indulge in the pleasures of pure knowledge. You can choose any of the specified branches of learning and let genius flourish in this College of Delhi University, which is located in lush green and peaceful surroundings. The College also assures to further your interests, be it in the field of Sports, Culture or Leadership. The purpose of education is neither accumulation of knowledge-data nor the procurement of a degree, but to make this knowledge a part of your culture without which it has no meaning. In interacting with teachers of various subjects, one does not only attain what one gets from books, but also learns how to put across his/her point of view and communicates with the society. And you find that in this College, there are ample opportunities in this respect. All the subjects have there own importance and offer challenges, though of different kinds, and every subject, therefore, demands concentration and dedication. This 'demand' or better called 'expectation' is a wonderful word. We always keep on expecting from others and when others do not come upto our expectations, we curse them. But we should also learn that others also expect something from us. It would give us an oppurtunity for introspection. I know that you shall be having some expectations from the College you are going to join, and the College on its part shall do its utmost in this respect, but it is natural for the College to have some expectations from its would be students. It is a matter of great pleasure that the College has great tradition of fulfilling the expectations of its students. Many a student of this college has attained excellence in various fields where they are presently posted. Education gives meaning to life. The College makes it amply possible for you.